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In this section you will find all the information about Raggi Method® and Pancafit®.

 This METHOD and PANCAFIT® work for these reasons:

 • they involve two valid elements that are a tool and a method;

 • we treat people as a whole and not as singular separated parts: in this sense we can talk about “globality”;

 • we look for and intervene on the original cause of patients’ conditions and not on the pain, which is only an effect;

 • Pancafit® and the postures we use act on all neuromuscular and fascial chains;

 • we investigate both the past and the present history of the patients;

 • we work with many tests and carry out a meticulous postural analysis.

We solve as a matter of fact more than 90% of the cases we deal with. Academic researches show the validity and the efficiency of the Method. Pancafit® can be used at home in order to keep healthy, to relax, to maintain the results achieved. Moreover it is useful to daily recover from the stress of life.  Pancafit® helps improving the breathing, the blood flow, and the articular mobility in each part of the body.