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What is Pancafit® ?

Pancafit® is the only tool at the service of Raggi Method® patented in the whole world, and it is able to rebalance posture in a very easy and quick way by acting on all chains. It can restore freedom and wellness in every part of the body through the “global non-compensated muscular stretching”.

It is not just an analytic or classical stretching. Instead, it is a muscular stretching carried out keeping a correct posture e without allowing “compensations”, i.e. all the antalgic mechanisms the body activates in order to escape tensions, pain, or simple unpleasant complaints. Moreover, this kind of stretching works together with breathing techniques aiming to unblock the diaphragm as well.

The benefits of Pancafit®

Pancafit® improves people’s posture and physical condition thanks to its action on tensions and muscular stiffness. As a matter of fact, it also shows indirect positive effects in case of pathologies such as:

  • blocked breathing,
    With Pancafit®
    your posture changes…
    Perche funziona postura schiena1
    from this…           …TO THIS!
  • venous and lymphatic stasis,
  • muscular hypotonia,
  • pain in general,
  • myotensive headache,
  • hips arthrosis,
  • artrosi cervicale,
  • lumbar arthrosis,
  • knee arthrosis,
  • hallux valgus,
  • cervical pain,
  • slipped disc,
  • hiatal hernia,
  • formication,
  • back pain/lumbago,
  • lumbosciatica,
  • paresthesia,
  • protrusions,
  • carpal tunnel,
  • Etc...

In addition, with this method it is possible to act on all those apparatuses resulting related to posture: temporomandibular joint and teeth, eyes and visual function, cutaneous system and reactive scars, feet and feet pathologies.

PANCAFIT ROSSODetails of the tool Pancafit®


The origins of Pancafit®

During a common training in the gym, Daniele Raggi has an accident provoking him a serious left sacroiliac dislocation: his vertebral column results blocked and even the easiest gestures and the walking appear very difficult to carry out. Due to the effect of the myofascial chains, the invalidating pain spreads quickly, involving the whole vertebral column, , the neck, the temporomandibular Come nasce Pancafit1joint, occlusion, the knees, and therefore triggering problems everywhere.

After the classical orthopedic visits and neurological checks and without finding a solution for his problem, in one year Daniele tries all the existing methods, both classical and complementary, with the best specialists. Result: absolutely nothing.

Desperate, he tries to exploit the principles of Mézières Method he knows and has been working with for fifteen years and so he creates a rudimentary prototype made of boards and adjustable countertops. With this tool he can carry out a rehabilitation work at home: it is a forced but delicate postural alignment, both passive and active. Day after day, he realizes that his physical and energetic condition keeps improving, to the point that he can move and work again the whole day, and sleep with no pain at night.
He decides therefore to make his patients experiment that same prototype and techniques he tried on himself, both with him in the practice and alone at home with specific exercises. The results are extremely encouraging and in some cases extraordinary.

Some time later, in collaboration with engineers and technicians, he will develop a new prototype - perfected in shape and functions that remain anyway simple and practical - of what nowadays seems an obvious and brilliant idea in retrospect”: Pancafit®.

The next goal is to make the entire approach applicable in an adequate, simple, and correct way. The aim is reached through the realization of a series of well-codified exercises and techniques for the users so that they can use Pancafit® at home.
For the professionals, instead, an accurate vocational education divided into levels is thought and developed. And this is how “Raggi Method®” is born. Its propagation is so quick and widespread that it obtains worldwide resonance.

Today Raggi Method® is used in a lot of clinics, hospitals, ASL, centers for kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, posturology, and osteopathy.
Important sports centers and Olympic athletes use it regularly, as well as national teams of different sports and almost all the serie A soccer teams, minor teams, gyms, fitness centers, personal trainers, etc.
This method is also taught in private and academic schools of Posturology.




Why does Pancafit® work?

  1. Because Pancafit®stretches the stiff and retracted muscles through a global and symmetrical work. It is able to relax and stretch those muscles which cause many problems and that no other technique before Raggi Method® could have ever reached. Its efficacy can be proved with a three-minute test.
  2. Because every time Pancafit® is used the body immediately adopts a more correct position and attitude; people feel themselves decisively straighter and higher.
  3. Because by loosening the muscular tensions the joints will result less blocked and therefore freer to move without any problem.
  4. Because each exercise carried out on Pancafit® inevitably involves also the diaphragm, improving and unblocking the breathing.
  5. Because by loosening the tensions of some muscles using Pancafit® also the venous and lymphatc flood will gain some benefits.
  6. Because once the muscular tensions and pain are reduced, a situation of harmony and of widespread wellness is established, together with a great will to move and to face life in a better way.


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