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It is a unique program of postural rebalance.
Since bodies having a perfect Posture do not exist, in the same way it is also impossible to find people who do not suffer from any kind of stiffness, articular limits or who do not have any dysfunctional areas; often we are simply not aware of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The ten sessions of Postural Integration aim to rebalance and re-harmonize the whole posture restoring a correct dialogue among the various apparatuses, muscles, joints, and organs; the final goal is to reach the maximum efficiency, functionality, and wellbeing with no pain. During the first session all posture “perturbing” elements and factors are identified in order to understand which part of the body needs to be treated first. The following sessions will concern the other parts of the body in a strategic way, so that all of them will result treated at the end.
  • treatment of the diaphragm and unblock of the breathing
  • treatment of the cranium, of the temporomandibular joint and of the tongue
  • treatment of the visual system through the muscular chains
  • treatment of the cervical tract and of the shoulders
  • treatment of the back
  • treatment of the lumbar zone
  • treatment of the hips
  • visceral treatment
  • treatment of the feet
  • energetic rebalance of the chakras through innovative techniques of quantum mechanics
  • rebalancing treatment of the meridians through biofeedback systems of quantum mechanics
  • diet advice in order to favor the eubiotic action of food in the intestine and therefore to favor any kind of treatment aiming to restore a general wellbeing everywhere in the body
  • treatment of postural/proprioceptive rebalance in order to integrate every part of the body that has been treated


This program of POSTURAL INTEGRATION is correctly meticulous, since it aims to restore, in those who want it, flexibility, plasticity, and functionality of the movements, and also the rebalance of the organs never to lose the will to do, to move, to live…


A team of Posturologists, Physiotherapists, graduates in Sports Science highly qualified is waiting for you
to program your personalized itinerary together with you.
For any further information: +39 02/39257427