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Postural Gymnastics is one of the most useful techniques and practices for people’s wellbeing.
The method we chose is recognized to be one of the most functional and powerful in the health field and uses a worldwide famous tool: Pancafit®.
Pancafit® is an innovative tool enabling to act on stiff and tense muscles responsible for the various pathologies people usually suffer from. The exercises of muscular stretching carried out on Pancafit® are able to restore elasticity, agility, and coordination, all elements that are necessary for being in good health.

Orthopedists and Physiatrists prescribe this method thanks to the results it allows to obtain and for its great versatility of use in case of any osteo-musculo-articular pathology:

• Cervical pain

• lumbar pain

• sciatica

• herniated disc

• spine arthrosis

• epicondylitis

• hallux valgus

• varus and valgus knee

• hyperlordosis and hyperkyphosis

• scoliosis

• carpal tunnel

• etc.


Postural gymnastics with Raggi Method® is therefore recommended in order to:

- Stretch stiff, shortened, retracted muscles responsible for any kind of musculo-articular pain;

- Unblock all the joints and fight pain and arthrosis;

- Unblock the diaphragm and improve the breathing;

- Reactivate venous and lymphatic flood;

- Restore agility and mobility also in old people;

- Restore a correct posture in adults and young people;

- Improve physical condition in pregnant women and puerperas;

- Improve sportsmen’s performance

- Simply relax!


For any further information and enrollments,
please contact our offices at the following number: +39 02/39257427