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Sito Ufficiale


Ergonomic and Postural Study Agency


epsa1This to certify that the tool called Pancafit®, tested by this society, complies with specific ergonomic requirements for all the positions that can be assumed on it.The features of its structure make it solid, easy to use, and allow it to have a wide spectrum of application.
Thanks to the reduced amount of space it requires, it is possible to use Pancafit® also at home, which is very important for those who do not have time or the chance to go to practices specialized in physiochinesitherapy treatments.
Pancafit® can be recommended both to hypokinetic subjects or to sport people for a large number of problems, whether they are acute or chronic. It acts on postural relaxation and on the normalization of the tension concerning the muscular chains in a global non-compensated way.

A correct and constant use of this tool can lead to positive results from the very first sessions.


The responsible for the Research Department
Dr. Giuseppe Massara