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Fabio Miranda


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1st place Italian Absolute Championship 2014   90 kg
2nd place Italian Absolute Championship 2013   90 kg
1st place Italian University Championship 2013   90 kg
7th place Kazan UNIVERSIADE 2013   90 kg
2nd place Italian Absolute Championship 2012   90 kg
1st place Italian Championship Under 23 2011   81 kg
1st place Italian Championship Juniores 2011   81 kg
1st place Italian Championship Juniores 2010   81 kg
2nd place Italian Championship Juniores 2009   81 kg
2nd place Europe Cup Seniores  London 2013   90 kg
3rd place Royal Open Visè  (BEl) 2013   90 kg
1st place Europe Cup Juniores Lignano Sabbiadoro 2011   81 kg
2nd place Europe Cup Top Ranking Paks (HUN) 2011   81 kg
3rd place Europe Cup Juniores Mudania (GRE) 2011   81 kg
3rd place Europe Cup Juniores Coimbra (POR) 2009   81 kg
7th place Europe Cup Juniores Lommel (BEL) 2011   81 kg
9th place World Championship Juniores Cape Town (SA) 2011   81 k   



My experience with Raggi Method and Pancafit began in 2007. At that time I was just a teenager, but the high loads of work that Judo involves were starting to wearing me out: lumbago, muscular stiffness, and other small pathologies due to continuous muscular retractions that were interfering with my postural chains. Fortunately, thanks to my father, who is a Pancafit operator, I found out the Method and started to use it regularly. This prevented my small problems from getting worse. It "saved" me then, in that delicate period of growing up and muscle development, and now, setting my whole body and my muscles free before competitions and my daily training routine. 

When in 2013 I went with other national team colleagues to CONI medical center "Giulio Onesti" to have a total check-up done, I remember doctors saying to me: "You are so boring! There is nothing wrong with you!" because most of my colleagues unfortunately showed problems instead, being Judo a traumatic sport. In that occasion I thought about how lucky I had been to get to know Pancafit and how bad could my problems have become otherwise.

Direct traumas hurt me as well later, but again Pancafit protected and still protects me from what it is avoidable. And I always thought that luckily what is avoidable is much more than what it is not.

Fabio Miranda


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