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Sito Ufficiale

Fabio Bianchi


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Italian Muay Thai Champion Class B category 70Kg


My name is Fabio and I have been practicing muay thai since 2010.

In December 2012 I started feeling severe pain in lumbar and sacral region and in one month I had to stop my agonistic and sport activity because of pain and contractures.

For long time I turned to physiotherapists, doctors and physiatrists, but nobody could help me, until December 2013 when I had a first visit with Professor Raggi.

Unlike many others, he immediately made me feel confident since he had already clear what kind of therapy was right for me and how to treat this problem that many told me was incurable.

I started my sessions at his study followed by the excellent therapist Mauri. Each week I had a very hard session, but at the end of all of them I felted different in a positive sense, and not only concerning my contracture but my physical and postural condition of my whole body were improving as well.

Given my physical structure and the muscular conditioning of my sport it took more than what they expected, but the staff always took care of me and therapist Mauri always knew how to face the problem and the treatment, with muscle loosening massages and postural exercises on Pancafit®.

After 2 months of treatments, I went back to my training sessions and after about 4 months the pain and the contracture were gone, allowing me to fight in September 2014 for Italian wpkc champion title in semiprofessional category.

I owe a lot to these people since muay thai and sport in general mean a lot to me and thanks them I could go back to do what I love and what makes me feel complete.

Heartfelt thanks,

Fabio Bianchi