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Sito Ufficiale

Massimo Accornero



1997 – 1st place Italian Championship 750 S.P. category 4 cylinders
1997 – 1st place Moto Estate National Trophy
1998/99 and 2000 4th place Super Bike Italian Championship
2003 – Vice Italian Champion in unstreamlined bikes category
2004 and 2005 various national trophies in Open category
2006 – 3rd place Moto Estate National Trophy and Endurance Super Bike World Championship
2007 – Super Bike Italian Championship and Endurance Super Bike World Championship
1st April 2007 – 1st place Moto Estate Trophy in Open category - Varano dè Melegari
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My name is Massimo Accornero, I am 41 years old and I would like to share my testimony on Raggi Method and Pancafit.

I have always been keen on motorbike races. I have been competing in motocross for about 15 years with decent results and in 1996 I started to compete on track.
In 1997 I won the Italian Championship 750 S.P. 4 cylinders category and the Moto Estate National Trophy.
In 1998, 1999, and 2000 I took part in the Super Bike Italian Championship reaching the 4th absolute place and participating in some tests for World Championship as wild-card.
In 2003 I was appointed vice champion in unstreamlined bikes category, the so called "naked motorbikes", with an Aprilia Tuono. In 2004 and 2005 I took part in many different national trophies in Open category with a Honda CBR 1000 RR reaching the 4th place in the Mobil 1 Cup Trophy.
This year, 2006, I am still racing in Open category at national level and participating in some tests for Endurance World Championship with X-One Yamaha Team.

After many traumas caused by the sport I practice and by a congenital condition of hips "coxa profunda", I started to suffer particularly from mobility and back problems.
During the last years I turned to many specialists and underwent various therapies, but with no results.
In particular, I insisted on stretching exercises aimed to gain a wider opening of the legs, but all I obtained was instead a worsening of my hips and back inflammation.

About two months ago I was visited by Professor Raggi,with whom I developed a working routine involving specific treatments at Studio Sport 2000 in Milan and the daily usage of Pancafit. Given my previous experiences, I must admit I was quite skeptical at the beginning, but now, after about ten treatments and a constant usage of Pancafit, I have reached incredibly positive results.

Something made me change my mind about the muscular stretching theories I had and about the approach used for certain problems: Pancafit, such a simple but at the time brilliant and effective tool, which allowed me to obtain two results:

- a delicate stretching of muscular fibers, which in my case were responsible for a series of bothering conditions, obtained just by sitting down and avoiding inflammations
– a wider elasticity and mobility, whose positive effects are starting to last for more than just a treatment time.

I know it will be a long and hard work but this does not scare me since challenges have always been part of my life.
The important thing is to have seen a light at the end of the tunnel that was not there before.

Heartfelt thanks to Professor Raggi and his whole Staff
With esteem,
Massimo Accornero