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Sito Ufficiale

Jari Ranzato



Golden medal Italian Individual Male Aerobics Championship, 2005
4th place International Open, Evian - France 2005
Golden medal Italian Mixed Couple Competitive Aerobics Championship F.I.S.A.F, 2000
Silver medal Finnish Open, Helsinky (Finland) 1999
10th place European F.I.S.A.F Championship individual category, Holland 2004
17th place N.A.C. World Championship individual category, Los Angeles 2004


“Since when I was I child, my father, a former gymnast, transmitted to me the passion for gymnastics...
After the golden medal of 2000 I obtained various silver and bronze medals in Italian Championships and interesting places also in European Championships (2001–2004).

When I was in Los Angeles, some days before N.A.C. World Championship, in 2004, a right ankle sprain compromised my athletic preparation and the quality of my performance.

I did not want to give up for a painful ankle, but my career was suffering from it. I tried therefore any possible solution. I had already noticed Pancafit in the gym where I went training and I wanted to find out more about it and the related Method, so I got to know Professor Raggi.

Being an athlete I know my body and I am used to handle with muscular efforts and pain: the first therapies were a little bit "intense", but I am recovering very fast and my performances are definetely improving!

Thanks to the treatments done by Daniele Raggi at Kinesistudio, I am noticing a quick functional recovery, which is helping me improving my physical and sport performances.

I also use Pancafit after my training sessions in order to maintain and increase the results I am obtaining with the therapies.

I am very happy because apart from having found in Pancafit a useful ally for the functional recovery of my physical and athletic performances, thanks to Professor Raggi's attention and support I am regaining confidence in my capabilities and... the determination to fight for my career!"

Jari Ranzato