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Sito Ufficiale

Barbara Fusar Poli

fusar poli


Bronze medal Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City (USA) 2002
Silver medal European Championships, Losanna (Switzerland) 2002
Russian Golden Cup, Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2001
Sparkassen Golden Cup, Gelsenkirchen (Germany) 2001


“This year I have been using Pancafit almost every day after my training sessions. It allowed me to solve my hip problems, due to stress and heavy trainings, that have been making me suffer for a long time and that were influencing my performance as well.

In addition, I also suffered a car accident, which caused me a whiplash that could put my career in danger.
Thanks to the treatments carried out by Professor Daniele Raggi at Kinesistudio I won instead the pain due to the whiplash and solve the consequent articular blocks, restoring freedom to my neck and spine. In few time I regained the freedom of movement and the elasticity I had once."

Milan, 6th October 2013
Barbara Fusar Poli 


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