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Sito Ufficiale

Antonio Fent

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2015 (seniores category)
3rd place with 70.08 Italian Winter Throwing Championships (Lucca 2-21)
14th place with 70.20 World University Games (Gwangju 7-8)
4th place with 66.54 Italian Absolute Championships (Turin 7-25)
4th absolute place with 73.97 (Savona 5-30) in seasonal national ranking

2014 (seniores category)
2nd place with 71.17 Italian Absolute Winter Throwing Championships (Lucca 2-22)
16th place with 69.71 Winter Throwing European Cup (Leiria 3-16)
4th place with 73.18 Italian Absolute Championships (Rovereto 7-19)
3rd absolute place with 75.99 (Treviso 4-13) in seasonal national ranking

2013 (seniores category)
4th place with 71.64 Italian Absolute Winter Throwing Championships (Lucca 2-23)
2nd place with 75.02 Italian Absolute Championships (Milan 7-27)
1st place with 73.56 Italian Society Absolute Championships A1 final (Sulmona 9-28)
2nd absolute place with 75.02 (Milan 7-27) in seasonal national ranking

2012 (seniores category)
5th place with 69.13 Italian Absolute Winter Throwing Championships (Lucca 2-25)
6th place with 67.84 Italian Absolute Championships (Bressanone 7-7)
2nd place with 66.81 Italian Society Absolute Championships A final silver group
(Campi Bisenzio 9-22)
6th absolute place with 72.69 (Conegliano Veneto 6-6) in seasonal national ranking

2011 (seniores category)
4th place with 68.28 Italian Absolute Winter Throwing Championships (Viterbo 3-12)
1st place with 69.01 Italian University Championships (Turin 5-22)
3rd place with 70.81 Italian Cup (Florence 6-4)
6th place with 67.95 Italian Absolute Championships (Turin 6-25)
1st place with 69.75 Italian Society Absolute Championships A final silver group (Macerata 9-24)
5th absolute place with 72.07 (Foggia 5-1) in seasonal national ranking

2010 (promises category)
5th place with 65.40 in promises category and 6th in absolute category - Italian Winter Throwing Championships (San Benedetto del Tronto 3-6)
1st place with 66.88 Italian University Championships (Campobasso 5-29)
5th place with 63.32 Italian Cup (Florence 6-5)
4th place with 68.15 Italian promises Championships (Pescara 6-18)
5th place with 67.38 Italian Absolute Championships (Grosseto 6-30)
2nd place with 62.70 Italian Society Absolute Championships A final silver group
(Comacchio 9-25)
7th absolute place and 5th place with 69.96 (Pordenone 7-16) in seasonal national ranking

2009 (promises category)
2nd place with 64.11 promises category and 3rd place in absolute category - Italian Winter Throwing Championships (Bari 2-28)
6th place with 64.30 juniores quadrangular and under 23 France - Germany - Italy - Spain (Venissieux 3-8)
5th place with 70.08 Top Club Challenge (Pescara 5-23)
2nd place with 66.45 Italian University Championships (Lignano Sabbiadoro 5-29)
3rd place with 62.31 Italian Championships promises (Rieti 6-14)
9th place with 59.20 Italian Absolute Championships (Milan 8-2)
3rd place in promises seasonal national ranking and 7th in absolute seasonal national ranking with 70.08 (Pescara 5-23)

2008 (promiseses category)
1st place with 66.94 Italian Winter promises Absolute Championships
(San Benedetto del Tronto 2-23)
4th place with 66.94 Italian Winter Absolute Championships (San Benedetto del Tronto 2-23)
4th place with 67.01 international quadrangular juniores and under 23 Germany - France - Italy - Spain (Halle 3-1)
2nd place with 64.22 Italian promises Championships (Turin 6-13)
3rd place with 70.04 Italian Absolute Championships (Cagliari 7-20)
2nd place in promises seasonal national ranking 6th in absolute seasonal national ranking with 70.04
(982 points FIDAL chart 2007)

2007 (juniores category)
2nd place with 57.73 Young Italian Winter Championships (Bari 3-3)
10th place with 58.17 quadrangular Spain - France - Germany - Italy juniores and under 23 (Murcia 3-10)
2nd place with 64.29 Italian Championships juniores (Bressanone 6-16)
19th place with 54.77 Italian Absolute Championships (Padua 7-28)
4th place with 58.61 International octagonal West Mediterranean Cup under 20 (Florence 8-3)
3rd place in juniores seasonal national rankings and 15th in absolute seasonal national rankings with 64.29 (Bressanone 6-16)

2006 (juniores category)
5th place with 53.47 Italian Championships juniores (Rieti 7-23)
1st place with 59.01 (Gorizia 10-26) in juniores seasonal national rankings



Imagine you have been practicing sport at professional level for many years and suddenly you have to stop.
It is what happened to me. After 14 years of javelin and daily trainings I was stopped by a problem concerning my elbow. One night I felt an intense pain, which prevented me from stretching my right arm to more than 90°. Next morning the pain resulted reduced, so I decided to train regularly, even if I noticed that I was not able to stretch the arm like I did before. Some hours after the training the arm got blocked again, and that time I could not even reach my head with it.

After consulting my physiotherapist, I underwent some common and other less common treatments (tecar, kinesiotape, manual, osteopathic, chiropractic therapies, etc.). Although I experienced an improvement, after few throws the elbow got blocked again. I contacted a well-known orthopedist working at Rizzoli clinic in Bologna, who suggested me to take a RMI and to keep the pain under control. I did so and after some time I started to compete again: I realized my 72m personal record and took part in the Italian Championships placing among the first 8 participants. The downside, however, was that my elbow got blocked again.

The RMI revealed that the elbow joint resulted worn out and showed small calcifications. Not being sure of the result of the exam, the orthopedist prescribed me a CAT. It showed an articular calcification of 3/4 mm at the height of the head of the ulna. IT SEEMED THERE WERE NO OTHER OPTIONS: the only possible solution seemed to be an intervention of articular cleaning (very frequent among professional throwers). On one side I was happy to finally receive a diagnosis, but on the other one I was scared of the effects an intervention would inevitably have on elbow functionality and elasticity.

When I went to the military base to talk about the issue with my captain, I attended a conference about posture and sport held by a Posturologist called by the track and field National Team. Professor Raggi spoke to the public (athletes, trainers, and physicians who were there) about posture, muscular chains, and performance. At the end, since he had caught my attention, I explained him my problem and, before giving me any kind of advice, he suggested to make a test. The test involved the trasversal chain and made me immediately feel an unimaginable tension spreading along my arm, forearm, hand and neck, and after that a clear reduction of the pain I had in my elbow. The test lasted a couple of minutes, however the Professor could not tell me whether I could avoid the intervention, but suggested me to do some postural treatments, instead.
From the conference I understood that a calcification caused by excessive loads and altered posture could recreate in case I had continued training with the same posture and overloaded muscular chains.

After the first sessions the improvements were already evident and Professor Raggi, who always likes joking, bet that within the space of one month I would be able to throw as I used to before. 20 days later the pain resulted remarkably reduced and therefore I decided to compete. I reached 71,50m, i.e. almost my personal record. The day after the competition the elbow was slightly aching, but did not get blocked anymore.

I finally decided not to undergo surgery, but to continue with Raggi’s postural treatments, instead. One year later, in 2013, I did 75,02m and placed second at Italian Absolute Championships. In 2014 I placed second at Italian Winter Throwing Championships and this allowed me to compete for Italian National Team at European Throwing Cup in Portugal. Moreover, I realized my new personal record of 75,99m and in 2015 I took part in World University Championships in South Korea.

Given the intensity of my trainings, I am still doing regular treatments of Raggi Method®, both in the studio and at home.
The only thing I could do is to thank Professor Daniele Raggi for helping me growing as an athlete giving me precious and useful personal suggestions. 4 years after when we first met, I can say that it was him who won that famous bet.

Antonio Fent
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Jari Ranzato



Golden medal Italian Individual Male Aerobics Championship, 2005
4th place International Open, Evian - France 2005
Golden medal Italian Mixed Couple Competitive Aerobics Championship F.I.S.A.F, 2000
Silver medal Finnish Open, Helsinky (Finland) 1999
10th place European F.I.S.A.F Championship individual category, Holland 2004
17th place N.A.C. World Championship individual category, Los Angeles 2004


“Since when I was I child, my father, a former gymnast, transmitted to me the passion for gymnastics...
After the golden medal of 2000 I obtained various silver and bronze medals in Italian Championships and interesting places also in European Championships (2001–2004).

When I was in Los Angeles, some days before N.A.C. World Championship, in 2004, a right ankle sprain compromised my athletic preparation and the quality of my performance.

I did not want to give up for a painful ankle, but my career was suffering from it. I tried therefore any possible solution. I had already noticed Pancafit in the gym where I went training and I wanted to find out more about it and the related Method, so I got to know Professor Raggi.

Being an athlete I know my body and I am used to handle with muscular efforts and pain: the first therapies were a little bit "intense", but I am recovering very fast and my performances are definetely improving!

Thanks to the treatments done by Daniele Raggi at Kinesistudio, I am noticing a quick functional recovery, which is helping me improving my physical and sport performances.

I also use Pancafit after my training sessions in order to maintain and increase the results I am obtaining with the therapies.

I am very happy because apart from having found in Pancafit a useful ally for the functional recovery of my physical and athletic performances, thanks to Professor Raggi's attention and support I am regaining confidence in my capabilities and... the determination to fight for my career!"

Jari Ranzato



Barbara Fusar Poli

fusar poli


Bronze medal Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City (USA) 2002
Silver medal European Championships, Losanna (Switzerland) 2002
Russian Golden Cup, Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2001
Sparkassen Golden Cup, Gelsenkirchen (Germany) 2001


“This year I have been using Pancafit almost every day after my training sessions. It allowed me to solve my hip problems, due to stress and heavy trainings, that have been making me suffer for a long time and that were influencing my performance as well.

In addition, I also suffered a car accident, which caused me a whiplash that could put my career in danger.
Thanks to the treatments carried out by Professor Daniele Raggi at Kinesistudio I won instead the pain due to the whiplash and solve the consequent articular blocks, restoring freedom to my neck and spine. In few time I regained the freedom of movement and the elasticity I had once."

Milan, 6th October 2013
Barbara Fusar Poli 


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