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Set of 2 BLUE pillows
Sales price without tax: 30,90 €
Description Set of two pillows (one cervical and one lumbar); it is one of our most used accessories.

Realized by Posturalmed in the classic colors. The shape of its curve and its features allow the pillows to be used with different functions.

Wherever there is a rectification of the lumbar tract, this increasing the chance to suffer from specific pathologies of the spine – discopathies, protrusions, herniated disc, etc., it is used to gradually restore the physiological curve.

There are lots of possible postures and angular positions in which Pancafit® can be used for all cases and needs.

The cervical pillow is absolutely recommended for cervical rectifications, whose presence increases the chance to suffer from serious pathologies. It is especially recommended in case of whiplash and to use with singers, who in order to modulate the sound lead their neck towards rectification or curve inversion, and therefore pathology.

A daily reset in these cases is necessary.

N.B. When Pancafit® is used to stretch the posterior chain it is necessary for the lumbar area to become flat, until it rectifies and decontracts.  The cervical tract, for its nature, does not have to rectify, but it is enough for it to get close to the bearing surface. Therefore, the use of Pancafit® must be “reasoned” according to needs and aims. This does not mean that, once the treatment is over, the curves of the spine must remain flat.

In certain circumstances, accessories can be helpful. In this case, the pillow for the lumbar area is extremely useful to reduce the compensations.
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