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Sales price without tax: 14,00 €
Description Pancafit-Back® (patented and created by Posturalmed). It is referred to as the “back savior” as you can easily keep it in a bag, once it is inflated it does not need a lot of space, it can be placed everywhere, and it is always with you.

This extremely useful accessory is made of three compartments having three different curves with interchangeable pressure and the curves as well can be variable according to the subjects, their weight, and their needs. It can be also inflated following the shape of the seat, or of the back. The wide and complete instructions that go with Pancafit-Back® explain in details how to use this small but really helpful tool properly.

You can use it at the theater, when you have to sit for a long time, or your spine is suffering and needs some support, on the train, on the plane…  You can also use it with your working chair, although in this case it is advisable to prefer the “travel lumbar pillow”.
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